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     Clients have told me for years that they want to be happy. Eventually, all of us discover that peace is a pre-existing condition. It’s always present, but located prior to thinking. Initially this is not apparent, so we seek for many years to  feel fulfilled through countless activities, relationships, objects, and substances.

     During that time a lot of joy and suffering take place. Fortunately, after a while suffering and the search for happiness cease to be amusing because it has become crystal clear that none of the seeking has nor can produce abiding satisfaction.


     Thus begins an indefinite period of looking deeper for answers, for the Truth. People, information, and opportunities arise to guide us back to the Home we never left.  


     Using non-judgment, I explore with clients their current experience, what they want, and how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are constricting or liberating them. The insights that flow forth facilitate a crescendo of genius, joy, and freedom.

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