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     “With wisdom, humor, and compassion, Charmian has helped me navigate through a myriad of life’s transitions. She has shared a lifetime of spiritual discovery, giving me an abundance of ways to weather the storms of thoughts and emotions. Even after simply meeting over the phone, I have come away from our conversations with clarity, courage, and resilience.”


     “My life has most definitely been more peaceful, calm, and happier after my meetings and talks with you.”


     “I think that the work you did with my daughter is a miracle. For her to get back on her feet, regain self-respect, and move forward is the greatest gift a parent can be given. If I experienced what she did I would have been in bed in the fetal position for a long time.”


     “You’re a gem in my life.”


     “I’ve written down pages of your advice phrases and refer to them often.”


     “Dr. Anderson’s brilliance lies in her capacity to relate to me in an atmosphere of reality and gentle honesty. In the 20 plus years I have been counseled by her, there has never been an occasion where I did not go away from a session without energy, insight, and hope regarding my personal needs. She listens. Analyzes. Questions. Suggests. Never with judgment. Always with wisdom. Dr. Anderson creates a safe environment for sharing my most serious and trivial matters.”


     “Thank you for taking such good care of me this past year. You are amazing.”


     “Thank you for all the healing that took place in our family as a result of working with you.”

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