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About Dr. Anderson

     My deepest knowing has occurred over decades through seeking and encountering saints, sages, and pundits from all over the world. In my early 20’s I felt strongly that Truth could be uncovered at the juncture where these extraordinary beings happened to agree. I needed answers to persistent questions like: “What is this place? What are we doing here?!! What is God? Does God exist? Is anybody deeply and consistently happy? What is required to abide as peace and happiness?”


     Sure enough, with great persistence, the answers were unearthed and were nothing I could have imagined. The gifts arising from that extensive investigation are bountiful and ongoing.


     Coincident with my heart’s search, was a less relevant but still driving curiosity about the nature of work. As a result, I accumulated national & overseas experience as an independent contractor to companies with diverse focus: import-exports, oil, land development, finance, engineering, legislative advocacy, and transportation.


     Along the way, I inadvertently became one of the first people in the U.S. to obtain a graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonalists study the most evolved, and least understood, stages of human development. Most people in the world do not realize the profundity of what is available to them.


     A number of years after grad school I wrote and self-published a book titled The Heart of Success: the impact of non-judgment and integrity in business as told by men & women working throughout the world. The intent was to demonstrate 1. If one releases judgment, problems give way, and utterly practical and beneficial (non-denominational) sacred wisdom is.


Today, as a psychotherapist and coach in private practice, I share with people, who are interested, the knowledge so generously given to me. 



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