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Individuals who enter the therapeutic process look like the vast array of ordinary people you might see at the airport waiting for a plane. Inside each of those dear beings lives a variety of stress. That lack of well-being compels some people seek therapy because they are determined to feel happy and free. Here are examples of what they address; all of which are doorways that open to liberation.

Abuse – physical &/or emotional

Abuse of power at work

Addiction – drugs, alcohol, food, Sex, Adoption, Ageism, Anxiety

Career or job change

Challenges inherent with fame

Corporate embezzlement

Depression, Divorce

Dysfunctional family dynamics

Employee relations

Extreme sports preparation

Gender identification

Improving fitness

Incest, Infidelity, Inherited money

Illness, Marriage, Narcolepsy

Non-committed relationships

Near death, Pending death

Physical injury

PTSD – traumatic event

Re-entering the work force

Relocation, Retirement

Starting, Growing, &/or 

Selling a business

Spiritual Growth, Suicidal ideation

World travel prep

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