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The treatment of distress or lack of satisfaction and ease, often due to believing something is wrong with you, others, or a situation.


As awareness grows, the realization dawns that there is nothing wrong with anyone or anything. As this revelation deepens there is a softening of the sense of dis-ease and lack of satisfaction. It’s quite wonderful but still an adjustment. A more gentle, seamless acclimation occurs with counseling. 


As time passes you become more nonjudgmental and increasingly skillful at recognizing your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Eventually you discover that when you exit thinking, an all-encompassing wisdom is revealed. It is recognizable by the exiting of stress and entrance of grace into your life. Creativity and productivity surge. Something greater than you is experienced. At this point psychotherapy and counseling are irrelevant.


Now coaching is helpful as you enter a new expanse of aliveness and peace. Coaching supports you further investigate whether it is safe to let go of most thinking and still be able to function beautifully in the world. The answer is YES.

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